A Blurb

Welcome to Homegrown Boy,  my name is Sigh. I am a 20-something afab transmasculine person living in Western Sydney, Australia.

I am starting this blog in the hope that it fulfills two main purposes: for me to document/record my transition, and for it to be used as a resource for other trans people in Sydney who are looking for help in their journey.

When I decided to transition I scoured the internet for information. Firstly I found that most resources for trans folk are very American-central, now this doesn’t effect much when talking about aspects of social transition but in terms of the whole; “Where do I start?”- for medical transitioning, it falls flat. Australian specific resources however are scarce, lack in depth, and can sometimes be contradictory, especially as so many of our states don’t have matching laws.

This is not intended as a instructional how-to, but more a guide that will showcase my personal anecdotes of how my experiences in transitioning, as well as a compilation of what Sydney, Australian specific resources I can find.

🌱 Enjoy 🌱

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