Its kind of unbelievable to think, but I am now two days on testosterone! My start date is Saturday the 16th of March, 2019. I’m amazed that within 6 months of pursuing the hormone process I am finally able to say I am no longer pre-T. Here I am going to accumulate some pre-T photos. This includes chest photos of myself, which will be at the end of the post under a read more, so please if you don’t wish to see that, do not click it. This is purely for personal reference, as well as education for other trans people with similar body types who want to know what testosterone might do to them.

First set of photos are face pictures. My eyebrows are fairly light, and thin. I have a chubby and round face, with no jawline definition. I have a pretty full head of thick hair and my hair line is straight. I have a bit of fluffy baby hairs on my cheek and chin, and slightly darker hair above my lips.

Hairline and Eyebrow Close Up

Next set of pictures are for general body hair growth. The hair on my forearms is very light. The hair on my legs are darker, and seems more dense, I have hair growing on the top of my foot and on my toes as well. The tops of my thighs have very light and sparse hair. My underarm hair is dark, long and dense. You can see that I have some cysts and acne as well.

Okay under the cut is torso photos of my body without a binder, you will see my chest exposed, but there are little hearts covering my nipples for censorship guidelines.

I am 90ish kilos, I store weight heavily in my stomach. I haven’t worn a bra is years, so I am unsure of my bra size, the last bra I had was a size 22C. My chest is not very big, but even when binding, it is noticeable. I have barely there, light hair on my chest and upper arms. No hair on my back, you can see I have a bit of acne on my back, some old cyst scars. My upper arms also have some redness and acne present.

I hope that this really helps some people who are sick of trying to find reference pictures for there body type! I am so excited that hormone treatment has started! And I am waiting in anticipation for all the changes my body will go through.

I have found two apps for my phone that are supposed to make it easy to document selfies, they are called Watch Me Change and Selfie. I will be documenting voice change once weekly.

Thanks for being on this journey with me!


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