One Month Update

I have been on testosterone for a month now! So I thought I’d make an update. Especially because I switched from testogel to reandron a few days ago and figured others might like to hear of my experiences.

So first here is a side by side comparison of my face pre-t and now. There’s not much difference other than my eyebrows are a little messier and my head hair has grown and faded. And I think I can see a tiny, scraggly mustache! But maybe its just wishful thinking?

Emotionally I am happier because I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere in my transition. I do think I am more touchy/moody, I feel like I get frustrated a bit quicker than I usually might. I sleep regularly still, at least 7 hours. As for physical changes, they are minimal, but I’ll still document them cause there are some things, however small they seem to me.

My throat has been scratchy, it feels like I am getting a cold but I’m not. I keep needing to clear my throat. I’ve got some videos of my voice (which will be posted soon) and I can hear a slight tone difference. I am very keen to start being squicky voiced because I’ll know then that my voice is breaking. My facial hair looks a bit more darker and noticeable. I’ve always had light hair on my face, and it just seems like the hair thats already there is darkening. I think I smell different, my BO and my urine, like its so funny that your pee once smelt familiar but now it doesn’t. Also TMI: bottom growth happens quickly, and is probably the only thing that I can for sure say is changing. I also had my usual period which I expected, but also kind of hoping I wont have my next one.

That covers all the changes I think I’ve had so far!

I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m now completely out at work, not much has changed honestly. Its a little disheartening, but I’m trying to get better at correcting people for misgendering me. I think as time goes by I’ll get more confident, and I hope that the onset of physical changes will help my colleagues get more used to using male pronouns/terms for me.

I was on testogel when I first started T, but I decided to change to reandron shots. Just the process of having to apply something everyday, its so exhausting. I had to set reminders on my phone or for sure there were some mornings I would have forgotten. I really am a “set and forget” kind of guy, so it made more sense to me to change to a long acting shot.

My Dr was fine with me swapping over, we’d discussed the possibility of this changing to this testosterone method already. At my appointment I got my blood pressure recorded (130/90) its apparently high average. My nurse (Robby or Robbie) was so nice, like, he made the whole experience so comfortable. I hope I continue to get him. I then had blood taken, they can never find a vein unfortunately so I have blood drawn from my hand. I then went and got my shot from the pharmacist downstairs and my nurse administered it for me.

Fun video featuring my butt getting shot up

I laid down, pulled my pants a little below the top of my butt, exposing the upper part of my butt. The injection was administered into my left buttocks, the pain from the pierce of the needle wasn’t bad at all. However after the testosterone was fully injected that when a mild but sharp pain began. It felt hot and sharp, but repetitive, like someone was pricking me over and over in the same spot. This pain lasted all night, but I fell asleep maybe 2 hours after the injection so I’m unsure if it would have lasted for any longer than that.

In the morning I felt fine, and went about my normal 8 hour work day without feeling any pain, however just before my shift was over I think I banged my butt against some railing and the pain was back for a little bit. It felt a little tender a few days afterwards but there is no pain now.

Although more painful than testogel, I am already feeling very happy with choosing reandron.

I am also very happy with the progress I have made in my transition! It kind of blows my mind that I’ve gotten this far, and that I still have so far to go. That things are starting to feel like missing puzzle pieces falling into place. It took me a long time to decide that medical transition was the next step I needed to take. And now everything is starting to feel more right. I know its cliche, but testosterone just feels like is doing everything my body wants it to be doing?


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