Voice Transition

Here are some videos of my voice from pre-t, two weeks on testosterone and then one month on testosterone. When I play these back I can really hear a big difference, I still get misgendered based on my voice, but I think its actually a lot deeper than pre-t. I’m excited about what to expect as months go by, my dad and brother both have deep voices. I’ve always had bad dysphoria around my voice, but I’m liking it more and more.


I didn’t record my voice in the Voice Pitch Analyser (an app you can download on android and apple) before I had started T, but I played some videos of my voice into it and the reading is still fairly accurate in my opinion. I’ve always been told I had a very feminine voice, I also have a lisp which I think also softens and “feminines” my voice. I always got gendered as female over the phone before testosterone as well.

Two Weeks on Testosterone
One Month on Testosterone

I am very happy with this result so far! In only a month I have gotten my voice pitch down to a male range. I hope it can go lower, I am still being gendered as female just by my voice, over the phone and in person. My voice has always been something I have been very dysphoric about. Since starting T and hearing that my voice get lower I have been very content, it feels good.


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